Black Friday isn't our thing...

Here at the Kindness Collective we don’t participate in Black Friday or heavily promoted sales is why: 

We are not a fast moving consumer brand, our products take time and attention to be made and are created to last. They are not based on a single season or to wear for a short time. We make them for you to enjoy as long as possible; not to be replaced quickly.

We are very fairly priced already; our items are made by hand and with kindness to a very high standard. With each sale we give back to causes close to our heart. Our focus is to be kind to the environment and of course our team; which means it may cost a little more to create however has a positive impact to all involved.

We are not a sole season based brand, or following every fashion trend, therefore we do not feel the need to push our stock out or move it quickly. Our designs and styles are limited, if they run out; we may create more, or have a different style, which makes us unique.

However from time to time, to spread our word or try something new, we may do an offer; but this is with the intention of making people aware, and not putting undue social pressure to buy an item they will wear only a few times. Or therefore in turn, pressuring our team to produce items for a short period, or utilising methods to implement our goods fast. If we have a sale this is off the net margin we make, and does not impact our suppliers or staff. We are here for the longevity and ensuring our products have a positive impact on the buyer, and more importantly; our environment.

With love & kindness, 
Betha, Liza, Sokeang &  Sam x 

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